Crossing a Street


Pedestrian Signal  - There are different types of pedestrian crossings around town. Most intersections have count-down pedestrian signals, of which some have push button and some have a walk-phase programmed in. You can find a graphic describing the pedestrian signal phases here

The walking man means "cross with caution". Always check if turning vehicles are yielding to you! The flashing hand with the countdown timer shows how much time is left to cross. The steady red hand means do not cross.

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Crosswalks - At unsignalized, marked or unmarked intersections or marked mid-block crosswalks, motorists are required to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk by City code. 

For a pedestrian is important to make eye contact with drivers, showing their intent to cross. Once one car slows, make sure all other cars are stopped as well. For more information, visit our pedestrian safety campaign SGF Yields.


Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons - A few City streets and several state routes in Springfield have crosswalks equipped with "RRFBs". These high-intensity LED strobe lights are also pedestrian activated and give the crosswalk more visibility. 

Motorists are required by law to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, with our without strobe lights. However, these lights can be seen by motorists' even if they are still far away and give therefore drivers more time to come to a stop for a person trying to cross. 

Pedestrians still must wait for cars to stop and verify that each traffic lane is clear before crossing. Click here for a flyer


Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon - Springfield has currently one "HAWK" signal installed at the trail crossing at Sunset Street, near Kimbrough Avenue. The High-Intensity Activated crosswalk beacon is a pedestrian activated signal for mid-block crossings that only stops traffic when needed, but is turned off otherwise. When a trail user pushes the button, the signal first flashes yellow to traffic, then a steady yellow followed by a steady red light. Traffic stops and the street can be crossed by the pedestrian or bicyclist. Then the red starts flashing, which indicates to the driver that they may slowly continue on IF the intersection has been cleared. You can find more information here.