Communication Tools

Communicating your plan is crucial to its success. There are many ways for you to make sure that students, staff, parents and visitors know about your plan. However you choose to deliver your message, make sure it is clear, consistent, and positive.

Communicating the Policy to students 

In-school student announcements: Involve student groups or clubs in developing and delivering announcements about the plan and supporting policies.

Student handbook: Update the student handbook as soon as possible to reflect all policies and definitions, as well as the consequences for violations.

Student pledges: Ask students participating in sports or academic groups and clubs to sign a pledge to be drug- , tobacco- and vape-free.

Student-designed publicity: Ask student groups, clubs, and classes to help design posters, banners, and signs to hand in the hallways, bathrooms, and locker rooms to promote the policy.

Communicating the policy to staff

Staff memo/email: Inform school staff annually about the plan and supporting policies through an official memo or staff email.

Staff meetings: Discuss the plan at staff meetings and new staff orientation.

Staff Compliance document: Require staff to sign an annual document stating they have read and understand the new policies and disciplinary actions associated with them. 

Here is a sample memo for your staff you can modify to for your individual needs. 

Communicating the policy to parents

Parent letters: Send a letter to all parents/guardians notifying them of the policy, including background information on why the policy is necessary and an outline of consequences for policy violations.

Communicating violations: Have letters ready to notify parents of student policy violations.

Here is a sample parent letter you can modify for your individual needs. 

Event announcements

This is an excellent way to communicate your policies to visitors to your campus and educate youth about the risks of vaping. Here are some sample announcements you can use at your next school event.