Full Standard Operating Guideline Manual

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Part I: Administration

Chapter 101: Role and Authority 

SOG 101.1 Responsibility and Authority of Personnel

SOG 101.2 Command Protocol

SOG 101.3 Limits of Authority

SOG 101.4 Use of Discretion

SOG 101.5 Adult Cite and Release


Chapter 102: Organization and Management 

SOG 102.1 Organizational Structure

SOG 102.2 Written Directive System

SOG 102.4 Accreditation and Administrative Reports

SOG 102.5 Goals and Objectives


Chapter 103: Standards of Conduct 

SOG 103.1 Code of Conduct

SOG 103.2 Protection of Civil Rights

SOG 103.3 Bias-Based Policing

SOG 103.5 Resistance Response

SOG 103.6 Department Awards Program

SOG 103.8 Administration of Discipline

SOG 103.10 Disciplinary Investigation Process

SOG 103.11 Lethal Force Investigations and Follow-up

SOG 103.12 Workplace Harassment

SOG 103.13 Staff Inspections

SOG 103.14 Line Inspections

SOG 103.15 Interaction with LGBTQ+ Individuals


Chapter 104: Administrative Support 

SOG 104.2 Fiscal Management


Part II: Personnel

Chapter 201: Recruitment and Selection  

SOG 201.1 Recruitment of Police Officers

SOG 201.2 Selection Process for Police Recruits

SOG 201.3 Selection and Training for Specialized Assignment

SOG 201.4 Employee Fitness for Duty Program

SOG 201.5 Physical Fitness Assessment Program

SOG 201.6 Selection Process for Non-Sworn Employees


Chapter 202: Personnel Administration 

SOG 202.1 Allocation and Distribution of Personnel

SOG 202.2 Military Leave

SOG 202.3 Promotional Process


Chapter 204: Compensation, Benefits, and Working Conditions 

SOG 204.1 Employee Overtime Program

SOG 204.2 Extra-Duty and Off-Duty Employment

SOG 204.3 Grievance System

SOG 204.4 Legal Assistance and Liability

SOG 204.5 Disability and Death Benefits Program

SOG 204.6 Limited Duty Assignments

SOG 204.7 Tuberculosis Testing

SOG 204.8 Critical Incident Response Team


Chapter 205: Career Development

SOG 205.2 Performance Evaluations

SOG 205.3 Early Intervention System

SOG 205.4 Near Miss Incidents


Part III: Support Services

Chapter 301: Communications 

SOG 301.1 Radio Number Assignments

SOG 301.2 800 Mhz Radio System Administration & General Radio Procedures

SOG 301.3 Prioritization of Calls for Service

SOG 301.5 Notification Procedures

SOG 301.6 Telcom Hall Handling Procedures

SOG 301.7 Request for Springfield-Greene County 911 and Telcom Recordings


Chapter 302: Community Relations 

SOG 302.2 Auxiliary Employees

SOG 302.3 News Media Relations

SOG 302.4 Social Service and Criminal Justice Diversion

SOG 302.5 Honor Guard

SOG 302.6 Community Policing Services

SOG 302.7 Ride-Along Program


Chapter 303: Records 

SOG 303.1 Public Information

SOG 303.2 Forms/Brochure Management

SOG 303.3 Records


Chapter 304: Facilities and Equipment 

SOG 304.1 Police Vehicle Operation

SOG 304.2 Pursuit Vehicle Operation

SOG 304.3 Special Purpose Vehicles

SOG 304.4 Agency Owned Property

SOG 304.5 Training, Proficiency and Use of Weapons

SOG 304.6 Police Uniforms and Appearance Regulations

SOG 304.7 Police Facilities Security and Key Control

SOG 304.8 License Plate Reader


Chapter 305: Property Management 

SOG 305.1 Property


Chapter 306: Planning and Research 

SOG 306.1 Research and Development


Chapter 308: Information Systems Management 

SOG 308.1 Information Systems

SOG 308.2 Electronic Mail

SOG 308.3 CAD/RMS Data Management

SOG 308.4 Mobile Data Communications System

Chapter 310: Detention Management and Operations 

SOG 310.8 Detainee Processing, Temporary Detention Areas, and Interview Room

SOG 310.9 Medical Treatment for Prisoners and Hospital Custodial Security Duties


Part IV: Operations

Chapter 401: Patrol Operations 

SOG 401.1 Field Interviews

SOG 401.2 Continuous Uniform Operations Bureau Coverage and Shift Briefings

SOG 401.3 Alarm Response / Reporting

SOG 401.4 Domestic Violence

SOG 401.5 Police Service Dogs

SOG 401.6 Field Reporting

SOG 401.7 Victim / Witness Assistance

SOG 401.8 Backup Officers


Chapter 402: Criminal Investigations 

SOG 402.2 Crime Scene Management

SOG 402.3 Investigative Task Force

SOG 402.4 Missing Persons

SOG 402.5 Persons with Mental Illness

SOG 402.6 Career Criminals

SOG 402.7 Investigative Funds

SOG 402.8 Follow-Up Criminal Investigations

SOG 402.9 Suspect Identification

SOG 402.10 Weapons Seized for Safekeeping

SOG 402.11 Deconfliction of Investigations - Redacted in Entirety 

SOG 402.12 Sexual Assault Investigations


Chapter 403: Juvenile Operations 

SOG 403.1 Juvenile Operations


Chapter 404: Vice Operations

SOG 404.1 Narcotics, Organized Crime, and Vice

SOG 404.2 Clandestine Drug Lab Procedures


Chapter 405: Traffic Operations 

SOG 405.1 Custody and Non-Custody Tows

SOG 405.2 Uniform Traffic Enforcement Policies

SOG 405.3 Traffic Enforcement Procedures

SOG 405.4 Selective Traffic Enforcement Program

SOG 405.5 Traffic Crash Investigation

SOG 405.6 DWI Enforcement Procedures

SOG 405.7 Ancillary Traffic Services

SOG 405.8 Assistance to Highway Users

SOG 405.9 Stopping and Approaching Traffic Violators

Chapter 406: Intelligence

406.1 – Criminal Intelligence Management - Redacted in Entirety 

406.3 – Informant Usage - Redacted in Entirety

Chapter 407: Arrests 

SOG 407.1 Prisoner Searches of Opposite Sex

SOG 407.2 Strip Search / Body Cavity Search

SOG 407.4 Prisoner Transportation

SOG 407.5 Foot Pursuits

SOG 407.6 Offender DNA Collection

Chapter 408: Legal Process 

SOG 408.1 Disposition of Summonses

SOG 408.2 Warrant Service, Search Warrants, Civil/Legal Process

SOG 408.3 Subpoena Process Tracking


Chapter 409: Emergency Operations 

SOG 409.5 Bloodborne Pathogens

SOG 409.6 Severe Weather Action Plan

SOG 409.9 All Hazards Plan

SOG 409.10 Blue Alert System


Chapter 410: Unusual Occurrences 

SOG 410.1 Dignitary Protection

SOG 410.2 Special Events Plan

SOG 410.3 Death Notification and Funeral Protocol


Chapter 411: Special Response Team 

SOG 411.1 Special Response Team

SOG 411.3 Crisis Negotiation Team

SOG 411.4 Mobile Field Force


Chapter 412: Training 

SOG 412.1 Training Function

SOG 412.2 Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Certifications for Retired Officers

Chapter 413: Evidence 

SOG 413.1 Collection and Preservation of Evidence

SOG 413.2 Audio / Video Recorded Evidence

SOG 413.3 Computer Evidence

SOG 413.4 Mobile Video Systems

SOG 413.5 Traffic Camera Recording and Utilization

SOG 413.6 Body-Worn Cameras 

Chapter 414: Jurisdiction, Liaison, and Mutual Aid 

SOG 414.1 Agency Jurisdiction and Mutual Aid

SOG 414.2 Foreign Nationals


 Disclaimer: Skipped numbers are documents that do not exist.