Traffic Safety for schools

School Education Opportunities & Resources

The City partnered with Springfield Public Schools to develop a variety of education opportunities. 

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Traffic Safety Lessons at Grey School
Pittman School and Mr. Walker

Pedestrian Safety Focus Schools

Open to Springfield elementary schools 

SGF Yield will partner annually with 5 schools whose principal want to bring pedestrian safety lessons into their classrooms. The Mr. Walker statues would be installed for the school year, but Mr. Walker hopes that the safety education continues! 

During the program, a SGF Yields guest speaker gives 20-30 minute presentations tailored to grades 1-3. Presentations will encourage studentts to be observant and to take charge of their own safety in traffic. Topics cover crosswalk safety, pedestrian signals, crossing guards and more. All participating students will receive a "safety superhero" cape!

SGF Yields will supply teacher with optional work sheets for all grades that weave pedestrian safety into English, math, art and science. The program manager will also work with the principal to help address any traffic safety concerns near the school. 

Free Pedestrian and Bike Safety Resources for Parents and Teachers

The best way to teach kids to be safe in traffic, is by modeling it as an adult. Every time you leave the house on foot or bike, you have a great opportunity to teach your child. 

Tips for parents to teach kids pedestrian, bike and car safety - links to our Children’s Safety page

For a quick-guide pdf on how teach your child to walk to school safely, click here.  

Here you can download our work sheets and coloring sheets designed for children from kindergarten to 5th grade. 

Mr. Walker Outline - Art project for all ages

Pedestrian signal worksheet - all ages

(Pre)Positions with Mr. Walker - 2nd, 3rd gradesignal worksheet image Opens in new window

Vocab - Match the terms - 2nd grade

Vocab - Match the terms - 3rd grade

Math - Pedestrian Signal for 3rd, 4th grade

Pie chart of Pedestrian crashes - 3rd, 4th grade

Bar chart of Pedestrian crashes - 3rd-5th grade

What can you do? Discussion sheet - all ages

Science - Human brain and bike safety - 2nd,-4th grade

Science - Human Brain areas and functions - 3rd-5th grade 

Engineering - Helmet design/Egg drop experiment - all ages

Draw: How to fit a helmet correctly - all ages

Helmet Fit Guide