Christine Peoples, Timmons Hall Education Coordinator, Parks 

Christine has worked for the City since 2019.

What have you learned since working at the City?

I’ve learned so much in regards to the closed loop model of severe weather in connection to parks operations, revenue loss, community and employee safety during climate conditions! Most importantly since working for the Parks I’ve learned what real teamwork looks like!

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about children growing up safe and secure in a community that encourages and re-affirms them in their own identity self-love, care and creativity!

How does your position impact the community?

As the coordinator of Timmons Hall, I’m excited to bring community history back to the table. Timmons Hall connects past, present and future communities in a creative space of rediscovery. Our community will benefit from something they have done together. The saving of Timmons and now the celebration and exploration of educational, cultural and historical community events and activities through Timmons!

If you could switch your job with anyone else, whose would you want?

No one, I’m just where I want to be!