Bill Spence, Battalion Chief, Springfield Fire Department

Bill has worked for the Springfield Fire Department since 1996.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about coming to work for the City?  

Be prepared to be part of and to interact with something larger than any one person. Working for the COS is like being part of a large family and has so many moving parts. While working for the COS you should become vested in the community as the community has vested in you.

What have you learned since working at the City?

Often, we as employees and citizens do not see all that happens behind the scenes to make things happen. Often it takes multiple departments within the COS to work on issues, projects or anything else that comes along.

If you could switch your job with anyone else, whose would you want?

Tough question. Nothing is better than working for the FD. If I had to choose something non-FD related, I would say Collin Quigley. The diversity of his job and working with so many departments, including the FD, would be very interesting. 

 What are you passionate about? 

Hands down, fire prevention. I have been in the Bureau of Fire Prevention since 2003 and have thoroughly enjoyed it and have gotten to witness the advancements we not only as a department have made but as a community in the area of fire prevention. We still need to keep working on it though as we are never finished.  

How does your position impact the community?

The Bureau of Fire Prevention has four main roles:  

  • Fire investigation
  • Fire code enforcement
  • Public education
  • Bomb Squad duties.

In each of these roles, we get to see our direct impact on the community in a multitude of ways, from determining what went wrong to cause a fire, catching an arsonist, helping keep businesses safe with fire codes, teaching fire safety or keeping the community safe from explosives.