Beechwood Heights

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Project Facts

Plan No:
Start Date:
August 15, 2020
$1.5 M
Funding Source:
¼-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax
Design Engineer:
HDR, Inc.
Design Features:
This project consists of installation of underground stormwater pipe network totaling approximately 1,350 total linear feet of stormwater pipe along E. Walnut St. S. Elmwood Ave. and E. Horning Ave. The underground stormwater network also includes approximately 250 linear feet of 4’x5’ reinforced concrete box culvert and approximately 30 reinforced concrete stormwater structures. The project includes, paving replacement, concrete driveways, sanitary sewer relocation, and concrete curb and gutter installations.
General Location:
The project is generally located in the southern portion of the Beechwood Heights subdivision, located southeast of the intersection of E. Chestnut Expressway and N. Oak Grove Ave. Stormwater improvements are to be located along E. Horning, S. Elmwood, and E. Walnut St.
View a map of the area around the Beechwood Heights project.
The project is a result of long standing complaints of flooding of streets and private structures. The objective is to mitigate localized flooding by installing underground stormwater infrastructure to enhance stormwater conveyance.