Westwood Avenue Stormwater Improvements

photo of stormwater overtopping a detention basin
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Project Facts

Plan No:
Estimated Construction Start:
Winter 2021
Funding Source:
Level Property Tax
Design Engineer:
Great River Engineering
Design Features:
Tasks required for this project include clearing and grubbing trees, grading within the detention basin located at Westwood Ave. and Wayland St., installation of a new water quality control structure and concrete trickle channel, installation of approximately 1100 linear feet of reinforced concrete storm pipe with depths of up to 15’, curb and gutter, sidewalk, driveway, and pavement replacement, and installation of erosion control and traffic control measures. City Utilities Gas and Water relocations will be required for this project.
General Location:
This project consists of installation of an underground storm system beginning at the detention basin at Wayland St. and Westwood Ave., continuing along Westwood Ave., and ending at the detention basin located at Seminole St. and Nettleton Ave.
Historic records indicate flooding in crawlspaces and street flooding along Nettleton Ave. and Westwood Ave. as the driving factor for the project. There are also reports of the detention basin at W Seminole St. and S Nettleton Ave. overtopping frequently. Priorities of the project are:
  1. Reduce flooding within the project area.
  2. Provide additional conveyance for the detention basin at Nettleton & Seminole
  3. Design stormwater alignment to remain within existing right-of-way to the extent feasible