Delaware Ave: Talmage Street to North Street

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Project Facts

Plan No:
Estimated Construction Start:
Summer 2022
Funding Source:
Zone 2 Minor Neighborhood Improvement Program
Design Engineer:
Crawford, Murphy, and Tilly Inc.
Design Features:
It is anticipated that installation of concrete curb and gutter and reconstructing driveways along the east side of Delaware Ave. to improve the flow of stormwater through this block will be needed.
General Location:
Installation of underground storm system along North Delaware Ave. between E Talmage St. and E North St.
Public Works has received reports from citizens, along the east side of Delaware Ave., reporting that the ditch is not adequate which results in stormwater routinely overtopping the ditch and flooding their property. The goal of the project is to increase the capacity of the stormwater system along Delaware in a cost-effective manner to reduce the flooding experienced by the homes along the east side of the road by keeping flows within the right-of-way.
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