Preventing Road Rage

Road Rage Increases Accidents
Aggressive driving and road rage have increased on city streets. When provoked, angry drivers have been known to commit acts of violence including assault and murder. Recognizing an aggressive driver may help you avoid becoming a victim. Aggressive drivers may cut off other vehicles, tailgate, speed, run red lights, and make careless lane changes. Be aware of obscene gestures, verbal assaults, intentional ramming of vehicles, and the threat of weapon use.

Causes of Road Rage
Some common things that provoke drivers to commit acts of violence include:
  • Being tailgated
  • Being cut off by other vehicles
  • Drivers who do not signal turns or lane changes
  • Driving behind slow moving vehicles in the left lanes
  • Drivers who do not pay attention because of cell phone use, looking for an address, applying makeup, or being overcautious
  • Drivers stopping in the lane of traffic to drop off or pick up passengers
  • Improper use of high-beam headlights
  • Being the object of obscene gestures
Avoid Engaging Drivers
Avoid engaging other drivers, even if they have done something to make you angry or you have made them angry. Put as much distance between you and the other driver as possible. Try not to make eye contact with them. Never, ever pull off the roadway to confront them. They could have weapons. Avoid creating a competitive situation with another driver, even if he is at fault. Try not to take another person's bad driving personally. Road rage is a lose/lose situation that could cost you your life.