Finish Strong Challenge

We challenge everyone in our community to get vaccinated when the opportunity comes

As our community continues to make steady progress providing COVID-19 vaccines to individuals 12 and older,  it is our hope that at least 70% of people in our community will receive the vaccine.

To measure this goal, we have launched an immunizations tab on our COVID-19 dashboard to provide the community insight into how many individuals in Greene County and surrounding counties have been vaccinated.

Image shows a Citizen Strong sign indicated 20% of Greene Co. has been fully vaccinated againstCOVID

'Citizen Strong'

Included on the dashboard is a progress chart which indicates the percentage of people who have received the vaccine. Our icon, which we've named Citizen Strong, will be updated daily to show our community's progress toward 70%. You can also find Citizen Strong signs around town!

You can help our community on the path to normalcy

Even as more people are vaccinated, our community will remain vulnerable until at least 70% of our population receives the vaccine. The Health Department continues to coordinate with local healthcare partners to ensure vaccine is distributed as quickly as possible to eligible groups. 

You can help our community reach our goal by doing the following: 

  • Spread the word that the vaccine is key to getting back to normal
  • Encouraging friends, family and coworkers to sign up for vaccine
  • If people have questions about the vaccine, encourage them to seek information from reputable sources such as the Health Department, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local healthcare organizations

Additionally, we've developed a variety of printable posters that individuals, businesses and organizations can use to encourage others to get vaccinated:

Click here for the English versions 

Click here for the Spanish version