Mayor’s Initiative on Equity and Equality

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Develop guiding principles to improve equitable access to opportunities, recognizing the inherent dignity, value and worth of each individual.

Considering five pillars of change:

  • Dialogue and Understanding
  • Cultural Consciousness
  • Advocacy and Partnerships
  • Structural and Systemic Barriers
  • Personal and Organizational Accountability 


Guiding principles that will be applied to make Springfield more inclusive and improve equitable access to opportunities to all. 


  • Rita Baron
  • Rabbi Barbara Block
  • Chantha Chimm
  • Dr. Justin Clark
  • Saehee Duran
  • Christian Lewis
  • Christa Moss
  • Doug Neff
  • John Oke-Thomas
  • Mike Powers
  • Francine Pratt
  • Bob Roberts
  • Robin Robeson
  • Jeff Schrag
  • Carol Taylor
  • Dr. Shurita Thomas-Tate

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