Prenatal Case Management

Prenatal Case Management encourages healthy behavior during pregnancy in order to deliver healthy babies.

A nurse case manager will make home visits every month during the pregnancy and then every month for 2 months after the baby is born. 

During the visit, we will:

  • Measure weight
  • Record blood pressure
  • Connect the family with community resources
  • Provide education about healthy behavior
  • Monitor maternal health

How to join the program

To refer a potential client to the NEST Partnership, complete the form at the link below.

  • Phone: 417-874-1220
  • Fax: 417-874-1215
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Visit: 660 S Scenic Springfield, MO 65802

Who qualifies for Prenatal Case Management services? 

Pregnant Greene County residents receiving Medicaid or are in the process of signing up for Medicaid. Clients must agree to a nurse contacting them about services, and also have 2-3 of the following medical risk factors:

  • Mother's age 17 years or less
  • Mother's education less than 8 years
  • Unfavorable environmental conditions
  • Smoking
  • Gravida greater than or equal to 7
  • Mother's age 35 years or greater at time of conception
  • Previous fetal or infant death
  • History of incompetent cervix
  • Prior preterm labor
  • Preterm labor in the current pregnancy
  • Seropositive for HIV antibodies
  • Considered relinquishment of infant
  • Late entry into care
  • Pre-existing hypertension
  • Pregnancy-induced hypertension
  • History of diabetes
  • Multiple fetuses in current pregnancy
  • Alcohol abuse by participant or partner
  • Drug dependence or misuse by participant or partner
  • Physical or emotional abuse/neglect of participant
  • Physical abuse or neglect of children in the home
  • Prior low birth weight baby
  • Elevated blood lead level
  • Living alone
  • Chronic or recent mental illness and/or psychiatric treatment
  • Partner with history of violence
  • Interconceptional spacing
  • Homeless