Political Sign Guidelines

Springfield City Code outlines regulations on the placement of signage on public and private property. While placing advertising in the right-of-way of any public thoroughfare is prohibited, signage on private property is allowed under various restrictions.  

Signage on Public Right-of-Way

Section 98-7 of City Code outlines the prohibition on placement of advertising in the right-of-way and is designed to protect public safety, provide access to vital utilities, reduce litter and to ensure publicly owned property remains neutral.  

Right of way arrowThe City’s right-of-way is generally located anywhere along a public street extending to at least within a foot behind a sidewalk, power pole, or any other public infrastructure. The right-of-way tends to widen to 10-40 feet from the pavement at intersections to provide safe sight distances for traffic. Right-of-way areas generally include roadway medians, ditches, stormwater basins, and along some trails.  

Signage on Private Property

Section 36-454 of City Code outlines the parameters for signs placed on private property, including a section on political signs, which are exempt from permit requirements but must still follow sign regulations and building code. 

Signage Violations

Personnel from Springfield Public Works, Building Development Services and other City departments will monitor the placement of signage on public and private property as they are going about their daily duties throughout the city.  

Signage found within the right-of-way will be removed and stored at the Phil Broyles Complex (1111 W. Chestnut Expressway) where candidates/businesses are allowed to collect their signs 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. Any signage not claimed will be disposed of after the election.  

Signage located on private property that is suspected of not complying with zoning code requirements will be referred to the Building Development Services Department. A zoning violation case will be opened when signs are found to be in violation.  

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