Training & Outreach Materials

Required Training for CIP Contractors
The City requires erosion and sediment control training certification for contractors awarded Capital Improvement Projects that disturb 1 acre or greater. The contractor's site superintendent designated responsible for erosion and sediment control must complete the following training certification prior to issuance of the land disturbance permit for the project.  

Training for Inspectors
The Responsible Party (Permittee or Designee) is required to complete regularly scheduled erosion and sediment control inspections. The State Operating Permit issued through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) requires that these inspections shall be conducted by a qualified person, one who is responsible for environmental matters on the site, or a person trained by and directly supervised by the person responsible for environmental matters at the site. The following resources are good sources for educational webinars, conferences, professional networking, and formal certifications.

Helpful Links

Land Disturbance Permit Self-Inspection Training Video

How to Conduct a Land Disturbance Permit Self-Inspection

The State Operating Permit requires regularly scheduled land disturbance self-inspections by the project’s environmental lead (or designated inspector).  This video will cover the importance of self-inspections, what to look for during the inspection, and at what frequency they shall be conducted.