Goals and Objectives Lime

In accordance with our stated mission and values, the following goals represent the future state of Environmental Services. These goals do not describe “how” or “why” we act but rather what success will look like once we have arrived. If we implement our strategy and tactical plan, and act in accordance with our values, this is what the future will look like for the department in 2042.


Learn more about the objectives for each goal:

Goal 1: We Are a Best Place to Work in Springfield

Environmental Services is the premier employer in the Springfield area for people who are driven to serve others in a supportive and rewarding work environment.

• Workplace Culture     • Employee Development     • Great Communication    

We will achieve this goal by focusing on the following Objectives:

Objective 1.1 – We will take a creative but balanced approach to employee benefits and compensation that motivates employees throughout their career.

Objective 1.2 – We will have a positive, inclusive culture, built on trust and accountability, that recognizes employee success.

Objective 1.3 – We will be a flexible workplace that considers the personal and professional needs of its employees. 

Objective 1.4 – We will intentionally invest in employee growth and professional development to maximize career opportunities for all employees. 

Objective 1.5 – We will cultivate a culture of communication where everyone has a consistent understanding of what is happening in the department, feels empowered to ask questions, and is equipped to make effective decisions.

Objective 1.6 – We will provide a working environment that supports employee safety and wellbeing.