Value Statements Lime

We are a sustainable and resilient organization that strives to:

We uphold the mission of Environmental Services while encouraging a healthy and sustainable work/life balance for all employees.
We will continue to give maximum effort while achieving proper levels of balance between our jobs, family, and health. We will do this by being intentional about our priorities and realistic about our capacity to implement and sustain new endeavors.

We create and sustain a workplace where supervisors are approachable, and employees show mutual respect for each other.
Employees will seek resolution to issues in a way that is free of rumors and based on truth. Concerns should be elevated quickly and acted upon immediately. We will be quick to complement and slow to criticize.

We strive to provide a safe, happy, productive place to work.
People will want to be part of this team because they are individually cared for and have an opportunity to serve others. We do work that matters to our community by leveraging the unique skills of our employees.