Family Connects

Support from the start

Our Vision

Equitable outcomes for each and every newborn.

Family Connects provides foundational support for all families with newborns in Greene County. From the comfort of your home, we provide tips to support your baby’s wellbeing and offer connections to community resources that nurture your whole family. 

Our highly qualified and trained nurses perform home visits for all families with newborns in Greene County. We are here to support you by scheduling visits, conducting follow-up calls, and offering in-home guidance and education. 

Supporting Families:

When families add a member—through pregnancy and birth, foster care or adoption, or other ways—community and social support is crucial. This is especially true in the early years. Early support leads to better outcomes for the child and the rest of the family as they continue to expand and develop as a unit.  

At Springfield-Greene County Health, we recognize this early phase of life is both special and vitally important for how we grow and who we become. This is why we have maternal child health programs, such as Family Connects Springfield-Greene County, to help provide support from the start.

Babies don’t come with an instruction manual and being a new parent is hard. Family Connects supports parents during this new time by bringing health care, community resources and families together. 

Research shows that when families use Family Connects, parents feel less anxious, they learn about community resources available to them, and their babies need less emergency care at hospitals. This all adds up to a positive impact on the community.

In-Home Visits:

Family Connects acts as a touchpoint for all families through what is called a home visitation model. This model brings trained nurses to the convenience of your home to help with the adjustment and questions that come with a new baby. These visits and services are FREE for all families.

To start, Greene County parents who give birth at CoxHealth or Mercy will have the opportunity to meet with a Family Connects nurse in the hospital. Families can also self-refer through our online form. 

Those who choose to participate will receive a home visit from one of our specially trained nurses within the first 12 weeks home with their new baby.

During the home visit, Family Connects nurses will provide:  

  • Breastfeeding and infant feeding education 
  • Resources for managing infant crying
  • Safe sleep and home safety education 
  • Screenings for parents 
  • Postpartum depression/maternal mental health 
  • Connections to community resources

Connection to Resources:

The first few weeks as a new family can feel overwhelming, and parents are often uncertain about where to turn. Family Connects provides families with information about the wealth of support available to them in our own Springfield-Greene County community. 

Through the home-visit, nurses assess each family’s unique needs and provide them with referrals to community resources. Through these connections, we ensure equitable outcomes for each and every Greene County newborn.