Temporary Relocation

Harold K. Bengsch Building

The Harold K. Bengsch Building (227 East Chestnut Expressway) will temporarily close to the public beginning on February 26, 2024 for facility renovations.

Health Department service and business operations usually offered at the Bengsch Building will be relocated to the Cox Medical Tower (1443 North Robberson Avenue). 

Services will resume at Cox Medical Tower on March 4, 2024 until renovations are complete. 

Important information

Cox Medical Tower

The Cox Medical Tower is located at 1443 North Robberson Avenue. It is on an existing bus line, and elevators are available for public use.

Bengsch building closing: February 26, 2024

Cox Tower opening: March 4, 2024

Services Impacted:

These services will be closed from February 26-March 4, 2024 to complete relocation efforts to Cox Medical Tower: 

During this temporary pause in service, members of the public can access select services through community partners:

  • STI testing and treatment
  • Vaccinations
  • Vital Records
    • Vital Records can be obtained at surrounding county health departments during temporary pause in service. Please call ahead to ensure availability.  
    • For your convenience, documents can be requested online through an independent company that we have partnered with VitalChek Network, Inc. An additional fee is charged by VitalChek for using this service, and all major credit cards are accepted, including American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard® or Visa®. To further expedite the request, overnight services are offered. Applications can be placed on-line at www.vitalchek.com or by phone, toll-free at 1-877-817-7363.   

Services Not Impacted:

Many Health Department services will not be affected by the relocation, including:

Additional Information:

SGCHD is informing the public early of this relocation and pause in services to help minimize and reduce inconveniences that may arise. We want to provide the community with time to anticipate this change and plan for how they may be impacted. 

The Cox Medical Tower is located 0.7 miles directly north of the Bengsch Building and along an existing bus line. Elevators are available for public use. 

Operating hours at the Cox Medical Tower will remain consistent with the regular schedules.

Process for scheduling services will remain the same.

Contact information, including phone numbers, will remain unchanged.

Please refer to this webpage for additional updates about service relocation and Bengsch Building improvements.