Down Payment Assistance

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This program assists first-time home buyers or certain displaced persons with down payment and closing cost assistance to purchase their primary residence. Funding is provided by Federal Housing and Urban Development funds for households with income less that 80% of the Springfield Median Income. See the Buyers Guide for details on these qualifications. Note the income limits may change annually.

Eligibility Map

Loan Requirements

The funds are a loan amount up to $9,000 that has no interest and no payments. The loan will be deferred and forgiven over a ten year period as long as it remains the buyers primary residence.

Lender Information

 You will need to be pre-qualified for a qualified first mortgage from a lender.  The link to the Lender’s Guide provides information the lender will need.   

House Price and Location

The purchase price of the home may not exceed $150,000 and must be located within the target area shown on the Map in the Buyer’s or Lender’s Guide.