Affirmative Marketing Agreement

The purpose of this program is to provide good quality housing for low-moderate income households for whom it might not otherwise be available. Thus, all vacancies must be advertised in the newspaper and the city must be notified prior to renting the units, which will, in turn, notify various minority groups of the vacancies. All advertisements such as newspaper ads and signs must display the equal opportunity slogan or logo for the period of affordability (from 5-20 years).
  • Agree to maintain racial and gender data for each unit and supply the city with an annual occupancy report for the period of affordability.
  • Agree not to convert the units to condominiums for 10 years.
  • Agree not to discriminate against any prospective tenant on the basis of their receipt of, or eligibility for, housing assistance under any federal, state, or local housing assistance program, or except for housing for the elderly, on the basis that the tenants have a minor child or children residing with them.
  • Assist in securing information from tenants.
  • Agree to solicit minority and women contractors.
  • The city monitors property and verifies tenant incomes annually for duration of affordability period.