Neighborhood Organizations and Service Areas

The Neighborhood Registry has been organized to identify neighborhood service areas and the Registered Neighborhood Organization(s) that exist within each area.


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Each neighborhood service area is based on the criteria established in the Neighborhoods Element of the Vision 20/20 process which defines a neighborhood as "being approximately one square mile in size ... with major geographic boundaries such as arterial roads, railroads, or major non-residential areas that are supported by a mixture of housing types, retail services, and parks/open space within walking distance of residential areas that contain 3,000 to 6,000 residents." Springfield is comprised of 34 neighborhood service areas.

Neighborhood organization(s) that include approximately one half of the land area included in the service area, has elected officers, adopted by-laws, etc. and that are registered with the city shall be considered a Registered Neighborhood Organization. Each Registered Neighborhood Organization is included in the registry along with its applicable Neighborhood Service Area. Twenty-three neighborhood organizations are registered with the City of Springfield.


Registered neighborhoods receive the following from the City’s Planning & Neighborhoods Office:

  • Mailing labels with a master copy of all local addresses (and property owners addresses) that fall within the boundaries of the neighborhood.
  • Service request data: a report is issued monthly and contains all citizens’ code complaints targeting areas within the neighborhood boundaries.
  • Area zoning notices: registered neighborhoods are notified of any zoning requests and updates within the area. This information is provided by the Development Review Office of the City’s Planning Department.
  • Neighborhood programs information: notices of neighborhood programs that the City or participating organizations offer.

Neighborhoods Office staff can provide residents with many resources to make neighborhood associations successful. Is your neighborhood interested in registering with the City? Contact Senior Planner Hanna Knopf with any questions at 417-864-1188 or



Council Zone
Bissett Yes Division Street north; Fulbright Avenue east; Chestnut Expressway south; West Bypass west.  1 Bissett Service Area (PDF) Bissett Demographics (PDF)
Bradford Park Yes National Avenue north; Battlefield Road east; Glenstone Avenue south; James River Freeway west. 4 Bradford Park Service Area (PDF) Bradford Park Demographics (PDF)
Brentwood Yes Sunshine Street north; Lone Pine Avenue east; Battlefield Road south; Glenstone Avenue west. 4 Brentwood Service Area (PDF)  Brentwood Demographics (PDF)
Cooper Park No   2 Cooper Park Service Area (PDF) Cooper Park Demographics (PDF)
Delaware Yes National Avenue north; Catalpa Street east; Glenstone Avenue south; Sunshine Street west. 2 Delaware Service Area (PDF) Delaware Demographics (PDF)
Doling Park Yes Interstate-44 north; National Avenue east; Kearney Street south; Kansas Expressway west. 1 & 2 Doling Park Service Area (PDF) Doling Park Demographics (PDF)
Ewing No   3 Ewing Service Area (PDF) Ewing Demographics (PDF)
Fassnight Yes Grand on the north, Sunshine on the south, Campbell on the east and Kansas Expressway on the west. 3 Fassnight Service Area (PDF) Fassnight Demographics (PDF)
Yes Battlefield Road north; U.S. 65  east; Glenstone Avenue; west; James River Freeway south. 4 Galloway Village Service Area (PNG)  
Grant Beach Yes Railroad tracks north of Commercial Street and Division Street north; Boonville Avenue east; Chestnut Expressway south; Kansas Expressway west. 1 Grant Beach Service Area (PDF) Grant Beach Demographics (PDF)
Yes Kansas Expressway west; Republic Road south;  Battlefield Road north; Campbell Avenue east. 3 Greater Parkcrest Service Area (PDF) Greater Parkcrest Demographics (PDF)
Heart of the Westside Yes Railroad tracks north of Division Street north; Kansas Expressway east; Chestnut Expressway south; Fulbright Avenue west. 1 Heart of the Westside Service Area (PDF) Heart of the Westside Demographics (PDF)
Kickapoo No   4 Kickapoo Service Area (PDF) Kickapoo Demographics (PDF)
No   4 Lake Springfield Service Area (PDF) Lake Springfield Demographics (PDF)
Mark Twain Yes Sunshine Street north; Campbell Avenue east; Battlefield Road south; Kansas Expwy west. 3 Mark Twain Service Area (PDF) Mark Twain Demographics (PDF)
Meador Park Yes Sunshine Street north; Glenstone Avenue east; Battlefield Road south; National jogging on Sunset to Campbell west. 4 Meador Park Service Area (PDF) Meador Park Demographics (PDF)
Midtown Yes Blaine Street north; National Avenue and Burlington-Northern RR Tracks east; Chestnut Expressway south; Boonville Avenue west  1 Midtown Service Area (PDF) Midtown Demographics (PDF)
Oak Grove Yes Grand Street north; Ingram Mill Road east; Sunshine Street south; Glenstone Avenue west.  2 Oak Grove Service Area (PDF) Oak Grove Demographics (PDF)
Parkwood No   2 Parkwood Service Area (PDF) Parkwood Demographics (PDF)
Phelps Grove Yes Grand Street north; National Avenue east; Bennett Street south; Jefferson Avenue west.  3 & 4 Phelps Grove/University Heights Service Area (PDF) Phelps Grove/University Heights Demographics (PDF)
Robberson Yes Kearney Street north; Glenstone Avenue east; BNSF Main Line south; Washington Avenue west.  1 & 2 Robberson Service Area (PDF) Robberson Demographics (PDF)
Rountree/Walnut Yes Cherry Street and BNSF main line north; Delaware Avenue east; Grand Street south; National Avenue west. 2 Rountree/Walnut Service Area Rountree/Walnut Demographics (PDF)
Yes   3 & 4 Seminole/Holland Service Area (PDF) Seminole/Holland Demographics (PDF)
Sherwood No   3 Sherwood Service Area (PDF) Sherwood Demographics (PDF)
Southern Hills No   4 Southern Hills Service Area (PDF) Southern Hills Demographics (PDF)
Southside No   4 Southside Service Area (PDF) Southside Demographics (PDF)
Tom Watkins Yes City limits and I-44 north; Kansas Expressway east; BNSF main line south; Golden Avenue west. 1 Tom Watkins Service Area (PDF) Tom Watkins Demographics (PDF)
University Heights Yes Bennett/Brookside, north; National Avenue, east; Sunshine Street, south; Campbell Avenue, west. 3 & 4 Phelps Grove/University Heights Service Area (PDF) Phelps Grove/University Heights Demographics (PDF)
Weller Yes BNSF main line north; Glenstone Avenue east; National Avenue west; Chestnut Expressway south. 2 Weller Service Area (PDF) Weller Demographics (PDF)
West Central Yes Chestnut Expressway north; South Avenue east; Grand Street south; Kansas Expressway west. 1 & 3 West Central Service Area (PDF) West Central Demographics (PDF)
Westside Yes Chestnut Expressway north; Kansas Expressway east; Sunshine Street south; West Bypass (U.S. 160) west. 1 & 3 Westside Service Area (PDF) Westside Demographics (PDF)
Woodland Heights Yes Kearney Street north; Washington Avenue east; Chase Street south; Kansas Expressway west. 1 Woodland Heights Service Area (PDF) Woodland Heights Demographics (PDF)
Young-Lilly No   1 Young-Lilly Service Area (PDF) Young-Lilley Demographics (PDF)