Related Projects

A number of projects in Jordan Valley are part of the city's brownfields program which works to assess, clean up, and facilitate the redevelopment and reuse of potentially contaminated properties known as "brownfields." Read more about the current projects and success stories relating to Jordan Valley on the brownfields website.

Railroad Grade Separation & Reconfiguration Study
  • Relocate and reconfigure tracks within Center City (PDF) to facilitate development of Jordan Valley, implement storm water improvements, and to create efficiencies in multiple rail operations.
  • Reduce rail / vehicular, pedestrian exposure through multiple efforts of grade separations, reconfigurations, and at grade crossing closures.
  • Develop a rail / transportation system that will serve the community, and it’s customers, effectively and efficiently, both now and in the future.
Army Corps of Engineers Study
The city is working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to study the feasibility of constructing cost-effective improvements to reduce the potential for future flood damages and restore the ecosystem of Jordan Creek. The $3 million study is jointly funded through a 50/50 cost share agreement and is projected to be completed in 2012. If the feasibility study results in a recommended plan and funding can be identified, the plan will move forward to the design phase.
A stream runs through a wooded area