Leadership Team


840 Boonville Avenue
Fourth Floor
Springfield, MO 65802


Name Title Email Phone
Belote, Bob Director of Parks & Recreation 417-864-1329
Cotter, Anita City Clerk 417-864-1651
Gage, Jason City Manager 417-864-1000
Holtmann, David Director of Finance 417-864-1632
Garrison, Wendy Chief Judge of Municipal Court 417-864-1890
Inman, Kris 911 Director 417-829-6000
Istenes, Susan Planning & Development Director 417-864-1031
Jones, Maurice Deputy City Manager 417-864-1116
Kemper, Errin Director of Environmental Services 417-864-1902
Morrison, Darla Director of Human Resources 417-864-1600
Nelson, Nick Director of Art Museum 417-837-5700
Ohlensehlen, Amanda Director of Economic Vitality 417-864-1035
Payne, Sally Director of Workforce Development 417-887-4343
Pennington, David Fire Chief 417-864-1530
Quigley, Collin Deputy City Manager 417-864-1006
Rosenbury, Tim Director of Quality of Place Initiatives 417-864-1022
Rowe, Brock Interim Director of Building Development Services 417-864-1074
Scott, Cora Director of Public Information & Civic Engagement 417-864-1009
Slagle, Neil Director of Information Systems 417-864-1628
Smith, Dan Director of Public Works 417-864-1902
Stone, Doug Risk Manager 417-864-1185
Suleyman, Taj Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 417-864-1024
Towns, Katie Director of Health 417-864-1655
Weiler, Brian Director of Aviation 417-868-0500
Williams, Paul Chief of Police 417-864-1780
Woods, Larry Director of Emergency Management 417-869-6040