How do I get started?
First, proof must be provided of a completed HRA or annual physical within the past 12 months to an inBalance representative to be eligible for the discounts. Second, you will need to complete a formal request for the membership on CityShare. You can find the request form by clicking the following link and selecting "Add new item".
Your membership and payroll deduction will not begin until the day that you visit the Family Center and / or Cooper Tennis Complex.

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1. Are there any prerequisites to getting the discount(s) at the family centers and / or tennis complex?
2. Can my family join, too?
3. How do I get started?
4. How long will my membership last?
5. If I choose to join a fitness center, how will I pay for my membership?
6. What do I do if I am a current member of one of these fitness facilities?
7. Who is eligible for the Parks facility discounts?
8. Who can be included in a Parks Family Membership and are they required to have an HRA as well?
9. Will there be income tax implications from receiving a discount on parks facility memberships?