I want to become a Springfield Police Officer. What are the minimum qualifications for the position?

To prepare to become a Springfield Police Officer you must first meet the minimum qualifications which include:

Must possess high school diploma or GED; Possess 60 semester hours from accredited college of university; OR Class A MO POST certifications or currently enrolled in a Class A POST program with successful passing of POST exam within six months of application deadline; OR Class B MO POST certification plus at least 2 years of full time law enforcement experience within the last 5 years; OR Two years of active duty military service with an honorable discharge; OR Possess 30 semester hours from an accredited college or university plus 3 years of experience as a Springfield Police Cadet to enter the Academy. 

*Law enforcement experience and/or education preferred, but not required* 

Additional requirements include the following: U.S. Citizen 21 years of age at commission, Excellent physical condition, No felony convictions, No DWI, DUI, or BAC conviction within the past three years. May not have been at fault in more than one traffic accident in the past twelve months. Meet vision and hearing standards, No objectionable tattoos and no visible tattoos while on duty (i.e., can be covered with a long sleeve shirt), or when representing the SPD in an official capacity, unless approved by the Chief of Police.  May not have used an illegal controlled substance within the last three years.

LATERAL ACADEMY REQUIREMENTS: In addition to the requirements listed above, lateral candidates must possess the following:

A MO POST Class A license (if candidate does not possess a MO POST Class A license, but possesses law enforcement certification through another state, he/she may participate in the testing process while seeking reciprocity through MO POST) AND A minimum of two years full time sworn police experience in any state within the last five years. Police experience must include the primary duties of responding to call for service, conducting preliminary and/or follow-up investigations of crimes, responding to traffic accidents and apprehending, detaining and arresting suspects. Candidates must submit copies of supporting documentation to meet specific qualification: College transcripts; certifications, and/or military DD-214, etc.

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1. I want to become a Springfield Police Officer. What are the minimum qualifications for the position?
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