What is the process for hiring Springfield Police Officers?
The Police Officer selection process typically occurs on an annual basis. Each year, the dates of the testing and other related events will vary slightly. Announcements will be posted on this website and messages will be recorded on our telephone hotline numbers.
The testing and selection procedure includes the following elements; a physical agility test, a written exam, an oral interview, a background investigation, a polygraph examination, a pre-employment drug test, a post-offer medical examination and a psychological evaluation. Applicants must pass every phase of the testing and selection process in order to be considered eligible for appointment.

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1. I want to become a Springfield Police Officer. What are the minimum qualifications for the position?
2. I missed the application deadline for the last testing process for Police Officer. When will you accept applications for this positions again?
3. I have experience as a Police Officer. Do I need to participate in the Springfield Police Department's Police Academy?
4. When do you hire Police Officers?
5. How many Police Officers will be hired?
6. I do not live in MIssouri, can I still apply to become a Police Officer?
7. What is the process for hiring Springfield Police Officers?
8. I do not have Police Officer experience. Do I still qualify?
9. Does the City of Springfield provide the necessary training to become a Police Officer?
10. Do I have to pass a physical if I am offered a position?
11. I do not have a high school diploma or a G.E.D. Can I still become a Springfield Police Officer?
12. I have a criminal background. Can I still become a Springfield Police Officer?
13. I do not remember the dates of my traffic violations or other criminal convictions. Do I still need to include them?