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Forms A Non-Essential Business is Operating
Forms Adopt a Stream
Forms Adopt a Street
Forms Alley Issues
Forms Barking Dogs
Forms Bike or Pedestrian Issue
Forms Building Permits
Forms Cars, Boats or Trailers Parking in the Front Yard
Forms Chickens
Forms Commercial Vehicle in Residential Area
Forms Commercial Vehicle on the Street
Forms Criminal Activity
Forms Dead Animal in Street
Forms Debris/Trash in the Street
Forms Deteriorating Structural Conditions
Forms Ditch Needs to be Cleaned
Forms Dogs
Forms Electrical or Plumbing Issues
Forms Essential Business Determination
Forms Failure to Register Rental Property
Forms Fence
Forms Fire damaged structure
Forms Fire Incident Report
Forms Flooding on Private Property
Forms Food Borne Illness
Forms Garage Sales
Forms Graffiti on Places Other Than Private Property
Forms Graffiti on Private Property
Forms Hotel/Motel
Forms Illegal signs on the Right of Way
Forms Inoperable Vehicle on Private Property
Forms Inoperable Vehicle on Public Street
Forms Inspections
Forms Issues in Parks
Forms Issues with Existing Sidewalks
Forms Loud Music
Forms Manhole cover
Forms Masking Violation
Forms Missing House Numbers
Forms More Than 3 Unrelated
Forms Mosquitoes
Forms Noise
Forms Non-Emergency Fire Code Violation (call 911 for emergencies)
Forms Number of Animals
Forms Open Records (Sunshine) Request
Forms Other
Forms Other
Forms Other
Forms Other
Forms Other
Forms Other
Forms Other
Forms Other
Forms Other Insects
Forms Other Street Issues
Forms Outdoor Air Quality issues
Forms Polluted Runoff or Dumping in Streets, Storm Drains or Waterways
Forms Pothole
Forms Power Line Interference
Forms Request for Information
Forms Request Free Smoke Alarm/Battery
Forms Request New Sidewalks
Forms Restaurant Inspections
Forms Running a Business from a Home
Forms School Safety Issue
Forms Sewer Backup
Forms Sidewalk Obstruction
Forms Sight Obstruction
Forms Sinkhole in the Street
Forms Sinkhole on Private Property
Forms Smoking Inside a Business
Forms Snow or Ice on the Street
Forms Speeding
Forms Stay-At-Home Order Comments
Forms Stay-At-Home Order Violation
Forms Storm Water Grate or Inlet Issue
Forms Streetlight Issue
Forms Structural problems, floors, walls, ceilings
Forms Surfacing Sewage
Forms Tall grass on Private Property
Forms Tall Grass or Weeds on City Property
Forms Traffic signal issues
Forms Traffic Signs and Markings
Forms Trash can at curb for over 24 hours
Forms Trash Collection Issues or Concerns
Forms Trash on City Property
Forms Trash on Private Property
Forms Tree, limb or bush issue
Forms Unlicensed Business Activity
Forms Vacant and Unsecured
Forms Water Over the Road