• View From the New Spillway
  • Temporary Trail Closure Under Scenic Ave.
  • Temporary Runoff Pipe
  • Stabilization and Beautification of the Spillway
  • Spillway From Pedestrian Area
  • Spillway During Construction
  • Spillway Before Construction
  • Spillway After Construction
  • South Creek Greenway Trail
  • South Creek Culvert
  • Runoff Pipe for Lake Drummond
  • Retaining Walls and Spillway From Scenic Ave.
  • Realigned Concrete Trail
  • New Railing
  • Erosion Downstream of the Spillway
  • Decorative Water Circulation Feature
  • Decorative Paved Pedestrian Area
  • Construction West of Scenic Ave.
  • Construction to the Greenways Trail
  • Construction of the Retaining Wall
  • Construction of Water Circulation Feature
  • Circulation Pool and Spillway

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