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1. Are strollers allowed?
2. Are there employment opportunities at the Springfield Art Museum?
3. Can I bring pencils and art supplies into the galleries?
4. Can I have my art collection appraised by the Museum?
5. Can I touch the art? What about outside sculptures?
6. Does the Springfield Art Museum accept submissions or proposals from artists?
7. Does the museum have an art library? Is it open to the public?
8. How can I receive information regarding special events and exhibits?
9. I am a member of the press, who should I contact for media inquiries?
10. I have a piece of artwork or item that I would like to have framed. Does the museum do this?
11. I have an artwork that needs to be cleaned. Who should I call?
12. Is photography permitted?
13. Is there a gift shop?
14. May I rent the auditorium or amphitheatre for a function?
15. Where do I park when I visit the museum?