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1. I want to become a Springfield Police Officer. What are the minimum qualifications for the position?
2. I missed the application deadline for the last testing process for Police Officer. When will you accept applications for this positions again?
3. I have experience as a Police Officer. Do I need to participate in the Springfield Police Department's Police Academy?
4. When do you hire Police Officers?
5. How many Police Officers will be hired?
6. I do not live in MIssouri, can I still apply to become a Police Officer?
7. What is the process for hiring Springfield Police Officers?
8. I do not have Police Officer experience. Do I still qualify?
9. Does the City of Springfield provide the necessary training to become a Police Officer?
10. Do I have to pass a physical if I am offered a position?
11. I do not have a high school diploma or a G.E.D. Can I still become a Springfield Police Officer?
12. I have a criminal background. Can I still become a Springfield Police Officer?
13. I do not remember the dates of my traffic violations or other criminal convictions. Do I still need to include them?